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Astonishing Fashion Since 2015

My approach on fashion is supremely unique, as a photographer, I take the images that I have captured around the world & place them carefully on garments to create visually stunning articles of clothing.

I began my journey into fashion design after my wife & I moved back to Asheboro in 2015 from being an expatriate in China for five years.

I knew I had to reinvent the way I created, my photography pieces weren’t selling as much & the Gallery I was a resident at down in Durham closed, so I started at the Lark Artist show in 2015 with some leggings, tanks & skirts designed from my photographs of our time in Europe.

We sold out of what we had that day & I knew right then that my fashion was something I needed to pursue and focus on more after that.

My desire for fashion started in 2003 when I spent some time in Milan, Italy, which has been known as the fashion capital of the world. I was staying at a house with several models from all over the world that made their living by modeling the best fashion in the world, I attended events with them and really learned a lot in that time period.

 I was captivated but never really followed through until years later & now that I have, I absolutely love it, I’ve designed over 100 articles of men’s & women’s clothing & shoes that are the most unique pieces you have ever seen.

 Thank you for stopping by our website!
~Ty Brueilly

Fascinating Film Since 2016

My approach to filmmaking is very experimental. It's beauty as I see it. My first photography series was called 'Beholder' (featured in Carolina Country) which eventually evolved into me producing, directing and editing my own stories all the while I, myself remained the beholder, in hopes to share that with you and at some point also hopefully resonate with you.

I wanted to pay homage to cinema since the very start, black and white, silent but scored films. With that I also eliminated anything that could be lost in translation, giving the ultimate power to the audience and my viewers. 

This was evident in my debut film, 'Shucks' that premiered at the Sunset Theatre in Asheboro, NC during Veteran's Day weekend 2017.

My works are buried in a slow burning cascade of symbolic visuals and an eerie soundtrack that you really have to open your mind in order to be truly receptive. It’s built that way on purpose to simulate a different form of time release.

Since then I have created nearly 50 complete works including Short Films, Music Videos, Free Speech Videos, Educational Videos, Web series, and Podcasts. 
My films have been shown on over 100 screens around the world and have won nearly 100 awards in the International Film Festival circuit, with highlights in Hollywood at the TCL Chinese Theatres (Feb 2023), Oaxaca Film Festival (Oct. 2019) & Atlanta at the Plaza Theatre (April 2023).

Thank you for stopping by our website!

~Ty Brueilly

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