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film and fashion by brueilly is a part of the husband and wife team that is Heart's Core Art Store located in downtown Asheboro, NC with an appointment only schedule.

when Megan isn't saving the world being a nurse, she helps Ty create.

Often times we start with one or two pieces of each fashion design that is made for our team of models and then we photograph them in these fantastic clothes and then show the world!!! 

With that being said, most of the time we make these peices of clothing for YOU! 
and that means it could take up to 6 weeks from ordering to get to you, 

so please understand that when you place your order! 

Do not put any of our products in the dryer!!! 

Wash carefully and air dry, or for our most delicate pieces, consult a professional cleaner. 

we don't want you to ruin the beauty or waste the money you spent.

we deeply appreciate your interest in all things brueilly 

and encourage you to place an order today!

contact us with any questions


EXTRA SMALL   - BUST 31"-32"  WAIST 24"-25"

SMALL - BUST 33"-34"  WAIST 26"-27"

MEDIUM - BUST 35"-36"  WAIST 28"-29"

LARGE - BUST 37"-39"  WAIST 30"-31"

EXTRA LARGE - BUST 40"-41"  WAIST 32"-34"

XXL - BUST 42"-45"  WAIST 35"-38"

XXXL - BUST 46"-49"  WAIST  39"-41"

XXXXL - BUST 52"-54"  WAIST 44"-46"

XXXXXL - BUST 57"-59"  WAIST 49"-51"

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